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Committed to service, quality and you

Free Yourself Slater Chartered Accountants can reduce your financial worries and woes. Financials and bookkeeping are a real challenge for small business owners. Keeping your profit and loss up to date can be a daunting task. After a long day in the office or shop, who wants to go home and sift through the accounts? We put in the daytime hours, and then the evenings are spent on the financial accounts and other tasks. It’s difficult. This leads to stress, exhaustion, lost time and disconnection from family and friends. So what’s the solution?

  • Slaters advises calling in the experts.
  • Have your bookkeeping done by professionals who are trained to give you the best outcomes and returns possible. Sure, you can your books done by anyone but will they give you the accounts and savings you need?
  • You’ll have access to your stuff through Xero’s one ledger system. Slaters uses Xero software and every client has their own subscription to Xero which is paid for and maintained through goBeanie. (When you come on board we’ll set you up with it.)

Modern, first-rate chartered accountancy combined with clear, regular communication. Slater Chartered Accountants takes care of your accounts and bookkeeping. You’re kept updated and you’re freed from the burden of financials and tax that plague small business and individuals. You don’t need to struggle on your own. It’s all about your mission. Your books. Your business. Your life. Team Slater can help.

Our Values

When you have trust you have everything…

Real Values Dinu Harry is leading chartered accountant at Slaters as of 1 April 2017. You need to have trust in all areas of your business affairs. Faith in your finances and their management is one of the cornerstones of small business success. We provide this at Slaters. It means you can rest assured your tax and financial work is being well looked after. We go above and beyond the basics and use our 30 years experience to provide the most prized advice in The Waikato. Slater Chartered Accountants uses Xero Accounting software and can arrange free expert training and support with this innovative cloud accounting software. You will be fully set up and guided through the use of Xero in your business. You will have on-hand support and the chance to talk through any problems you are having with a specialised accountant who will visit you in your place of business. We are are committed to:

  • Being open and honest
  • Doing the right thing
  • Quality and simplicity
  • Embracing change and valuing tradition
  • Expert knowledge and professionalism
  • Truly personal service and guidance