Making Time for Time Out

7 January

Running a business is hard. But what about “You” time?

Have you been looking for the delicate balance between increasing your productivity, defining sufficient time for you and your family?

To free yourself up so that you have more time available outside of your workplace, you might want to consider planning too many (as opposed to too few) jobs for the days you work.

Funnily enough, too many jobs can actually keep you focused on your targets.

You probably already previously spent a full working week reading manuals on time management and seeking advice online from talented individuals as to the best ways to arrange your working hours. If you set your target too low to ensure you get through your day’s work, you will take longer on each task as your mind doesn’t have to stretch as far as your ambitions. If you don’t have enough tasks to accomplish, each task will take longer than really necessary.

When your diary tells you have five tasks to complete one day, you may well complete four, and that is more productive than listing fewer.  If your diary tells you there are 10 tasks to complete in the same day, you might not complete them all, but you might reach eight or nine. That’s a positive gain of three or four tasks per day.

By putting pressure on yourself:

  • you might still spend time with your business Facebook pages, but you might be prepared to let go some of your personal Facebook space.
  • there’s a good chance you delegate more work
  • you will be less charitable with people interrupting your time
  • instead of surfing the Internet aimlessly, you’ll stay focused to the tasks ahead
  • you will boost productivity
  • you will have an increased personal sense of achievement
  • completing your work within the working hours means more time for you

Making more time for you

Working extra hard can really stress you out, especially if those extra hours at work don’t give more time for you and your family.

Those extra hours might mean;

  • starting at 5 AM instead of 7.30 AM
  • a couple of hours on the computer in the evening
  • working all night when a deadline gets too close.
  • spending the weekend in the office instead of doing a bike ride

It helps if you focus on your you time plans. What do you plan to do when you have time available for yourself? Do you know how long you need to allocate?

  • How much time are you going to allocate time to do nothing?
  • Do you need to make time for a run each morning?
  • Do you insist on personally taking your dog for a walk?
  • Do you devote quality time to your partner and show affection, or are you always on your laptop?
  • What time are you going to allocate to play with your children?
  • Do you every ask your partner out for a coffee or lunch or is it all about the kids and your work?
  • When are you going to fire up your tablet to play some games?

Just as you plan any business activity, you need to write (plan) into your schedule the time you intend to allocate to yourself and your family and perhaps, your solitude time.

If you plan your personal time, marking it all in your diary:

  • you will be able to cope with your working hours better
  • you will be able to cope with your personal hours better
  • you will be to cope with stress
  • your temper will become more even
  • you will be more productive in both your personal and working hours
  • You need to concentrate on what’s most important to you. You will keep yourself healthier by arranging time for yourself and your family.

It’s a long term strategy and it’s all about healthy balance and emotional wellbeing as a small business owner.

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