Why Change to Slater Chartered Accountants?

6 May

Are you tired of your slow, unresponsive old accountant?

It’s nearly the end of September and most small businesses have a March balance date.

That’s six months ago.

If your financial statements are not complete and your tax returns aren’t filed by now, 6 months after March – let’s face it.

It’s time to get a new accountant.

The stark reality is information gets out of date quickly.

You can’t run your business for tomorrow while you’re waiting on last year’s details. This leaves any business vulnerable. 

In addition, if your accounting software (and all your business software) is not in the Cloud, you may be operating in an old school manner that’s a bit behind the times. If this is the case you’ll be wasting a fair bit of money on IT and you will be suffering losses or profit erosion. 

At present, the New Zealand market is a difficult one. The technology shift we’ve been preparing clients for the past few years is here, and competition is no longer confined to the local, regional or even national level. Competition is fiercer than ever and driven by new forms of marketing and connectivity.

Accountant Hamilton Serving Waikato and New Zealand

As a small business or professional, you need to be with a firm that has all their ducks in a row and is operating with thoroughly modern accounting and marketing and communications systems. Your accountant can and should offer you more than tax and financials. He or she should also be able to help you modernise and develop your business to match the times. Slater Chartered Accountants can and does. 

We are the leading accountant when it comes to technology, modern business practice, fast turnaround on Tax and Financial Statements and cutting edge marketing. 

Slater Chartered Accountants wants you to

  • Reduce costs,
  • Reduce people
  • Reduce training time
  • Simply your infrastructure
  • Increase your success
  • Increase your profits 
  • Increase your free time

Xero Accountant Waikato

We can change you to Xero in a jiffy. For Free.

We can train you in Xero. For Free.

What are you waiting for?

And make no mistake we’re old hands when it comes to the Xero package. We were the first in Hamilton to change over and we converted all our clients to Xero too. That was years ago. Other accountants in The Waikato and New Zealand said we were mad, and Xero would never stick!

A few years on and the rest of the profession is only just catching on. (We have a very, very good little chuckle about that.)

The world moves fast. You need a fast turnaround and quick responses.

You also need an accountant you can talk to who doesn’t have a clock ticking (and hourly rates.)

Slater Chartered Accountants has fixed fees with no surprises.

It’s transparent and clear.

It’s very easy to change accountants, we take care of it all. Just come and see us and we will get the ball rolling. All our client meetings are free. It costs you nothing.

Phone Slater Chartered Accountants on 07 8389700. Or email dinu@slater.co.nz direct.

You can also make a free appointment online 

Ditch Slow Boring and Associates. Come on over and move to Slaters today.

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