The Real Deal for New Slater Clients

6 April

How is it that Slaters can deliver so much compared to our competitors? And why join a trailblazing firm like Slaters at the beginning of the new financial year?

Because you deserve quality accounting and super dooper service from one of The Waikato’s most diligent and talented accounting brains. We’re way ahead on all industry hallmarks and we’re not afraid to say it. Clever accounting with a good yarn and great coffee. Slaters sets the standard in The Waikato. 

This is what you receive when you come over to Slater Chartered Accountants:

  • Free, long term business development advice. This isn’t part of a bundled package that costs you. It’s just what Brett does…for all clients, which is why many of them have been with us for 30 years. 
  • Free email and phone contact with the partners. 24/7 We don’t fob you off. We give you the best advice from our leaders.
  • Real advice so you achieve real financial results. Brett will tell you what’s wrong and how to fix it. Clients who regularly follow his advice closely are very happy campers. 
  • Prompt delivery of your tax and financials stuff. If you as the client, delivers us all the paperwork asap when we ask for it, we get the job done quickly. Very quickly.
  • Fully bound and packaged tax and financial reports. Nobody does it better! In fact a few little birdies have told us our tax and financials have ended up as a boardroom discussion topic at other firms, on how to do it best. We like that a lot. 
  • Old school and new school combined. Experience coupled with youth. Brett Slater and Brad Feisst will make sure you are looked after.
  • Free Xero Training at your place of business. Or in our premises. Just make an appointment with Brad and he will give you proper tuition when you need it. All for free. 
  • Trusted support and respect for your financial issues. We take our role seriously. Confidence is king.

The simple fact is our firm is run by one of the most talented accounting brains working in Hamilton and The Waikato. Brett Slater works tirelessly with longstanding and new clients to deliver an accounting strategy that is financially beneficial to you and your family over many years.

  • Do you have service and access problems with your current accountant?
  • Are you paying for appointments with them?
  • Does a phone call to your trusted advisor currently cost you?

Not at Slaters! 

The Slater strategy is about successful outcomes in the short and long term, grounded in realistic advice and augmented by accounting practices that garner you the maximum returns and assurances while adhering to strong accounting ethics and practices. We don’t cut corners and we’re not sloppy. To this day, even after 30 years, Brett still personally checks every single set of financials that leaves the premises. Why? Because it is what you deserve. We go above and beyond to make sure our clients are guided along their financial and taxation journey by a very, very smart leading partner who is renowned for honest and frank discussion. “I won’t tell you porkies,” says Brett, when queried about the way he approaches clients. “My preference is for long term outcomes and relationships with clients over many years. When it comes to their needs  and issues, I don’t mince words, and if I’m aware of a niggly tax or financial problem I will be very frank about how we fix it, even if the client gets a little huffy with me! They need the truth from an expert, so they can get on with building their financial lives in a responsible and sensible way that works best for them and their families.” 

2019 is our New Client Drive year. We have room for you.

Come over to Slaters and we’ll sort it all for you. Make a free appointment and talk to Brett. We’ll do the rest. 

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