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30 January

New Zealand Made Financial Statements by Slaters

The quality of financial statements and tax and GST work can vary dramatically from accountant to accountant. Are your accounts and financials done on NZ soil? Slaters are. All our accounting work is done on our premises rather than sent offshore to other countries.

Many don’t realise considerable changes are occurring within the accounting industry worldwide. There are new options to send some aspects of the work offshore to others who may not have thorough knowledge of the New Zealand taxation system. While this suits some firms, we prefer to utilise the talented and culturally diverse team we have at Slaters.

We do this because we actively support NZ small business and manufacturing and we also believe we can maintain the very best quality for our clients if our partners oversee all phases of the tax and financials statements preparation. Sending your work offshore can be a risky business. 

As longstanding chartered accountants servicing The Waikato, we believe we can offer the best quality financial statements if we operate with an involved approach from the Partners. This means your financial statements and GST, tax and statutory material are carefully scrutinised by Brett Slater, so quality is maintained.

Our talented accountants work in with Brett, as a team, throughout all phases of the work and this ensures the partners have full knowledge of your accounts. With Slaters it’s more than a simple “sign off” by the leading partner at the front or back of our bound booklets. It’s a longstanding partnership between clients and chartered accountant with the view that good accounting leads to good business and good business leads to a strong and successful regional and national economy.

These are core Slater values based on the simple fact that we, like most of our clients, are a small business/professional firm that runs best in a healthy and thriving economic landscape. 

Our culturally diverse Slater accountants are both New Zealand and overseas born and we delight in this rich aspect of our firm. All however are specialised in the New Zealand taxation system and have trained here and adhere to our clear code of ethics, so they are well equipped to work in one of the region’s most progressive firms. We enjoy supporting our team with a great work environment and great conditions. They in turn, with Brett, produce some of the best sets of tax and financials statements on The North Island. They also adhere to confidentiality regarding your accounts and your business. This is core to the Slater approach. 

If work is sent offshore there may be a possibility those working on your books or accounts are not fully and thoroughly aware of our country’s code of professional ethics for chartered accountants. This could leave you, the client, vulnerable and exposed. We believe this is just too risky for our clients and so we keep all aspects of the accounting work in-house where we can maintain standards and make sure our clients’ information is extremely safe. For Slaters, this is paramount.

In fact we go so far as to say we believe accountants are ethically bound to inform their clients if they are sending work offshore or out of their office.

Pretty soon, the New Zealand Made and New Zealand Grown logos will appear in our send outs and on our website.

Who can use these?

Only New Zealand businesses who produce their output in New Zealand. This is an important Slater value because we believe it’s important to support our local workforce, our local clients and business people and our regional and national economy.

Make sure you ask your accountant if all aspects of the accounting process occurs on New Zealand soil.

While the end product may be produced here, make sure all phases of the work are done where they say they’re being done. Make sure some aspects of your accounts or financials aren’t sent offshore or beyond the office to third party contractors without your knowledge.

You deserve to know how and where your confidential information is sent, so make sure you enter into a clear dialogue with your accountant so you are 100% sure the process used to produce your tax and financial statements is suitable to you. 

Whatever your choice, make sure you are well informed and aware of the processes, locations and sub-contractors or offshore workers who are working on your confidential financial information. 

For more information or to book a free appointment with Brett, call 07 8389701 or fill out the online appointment form and make a time that suits. See you soon! 

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