How To Get the Best Mortgage Rate

6 March

How to slash your mortgage, boost your retirement and save, in a few easy steps.

This quick freely given “how to” guide gives you a foolproof, simple solution to your mortgage.

If you follow these steps, compiled by Brett Slater the Chartered Accounting wiz from Slater Chartered Accountants, you too can slash your mortgage and save years and big dollars in repayments.

The other alternative is you can poo-poo the advice without ever trying it, criticize the tips and stay exactly where you are. The choice is yours and we don’t really mind either way. But if you do decide to do that, you just might miss out on the possibility of a few goodies and sizeable savings that can go toward another property purchase, your super, or the kids’ university fund.

How do we know this?

Because we’ve done it ourselves and also used this successful process with a number of our clients who’ve saved years and dollars in repayments.

Follow This Step by Step Guide

  1. Google “lowest or best mortgage interest rates”
  2. Google your house value, check CV
  3. Check you internet banking for mortgage. loan, overdraft and credit card balances
  4. Cut and paste (and fill in the details) of the italics letter/excerpt to an email and address the email to a selection of the financiers found in (1.) above
  5. Change the wording to suit your personal voice and style if you want.

Dear Bank (insert banker’s name)

I would very much like to talk with you about securing a better deal on my interest rates. I am sure you would love some new customers so you can hit your sales budgets. So here’s a wonderful opportunity that may help to make both of us a little happier.

Here are some details concerning my current financial situation:

My house has a CV of                                                 $ insert amounts

My mortgages add up to                                             $

My credit card is                                                          $

I have pesky HP’s of                                                    $

I earn roughly $ each year and my partner earns        $

At present I’m very aware that interest rates are dropping and competition is heating up. Is it possible  that you could do me a really good interest rate given the current climate? Given the research I’ve done and that is around in the media, I’m hoping you’ll be able to give me a better deal than the one I currently have with (insert current bank’s name here.)

I’d  like to roll all my above debts up into a new facility with your bank as well. Of course I’d love my total payments to remain the same which means that at a much lower interest rate I’ll be free of crippling compounding interest much earlier than if I stay with my current bank.

I’m expecting this change to cost me nothing or next to nothing, and I’m expecting you may be able to cover all my legal fees (as this is currently offered to new clients by various banks in NZ.)  I’m also looking forward to any other enticements your company has to offer if I change to you (including things like a new TV, as I expect the All Blacks to beat Australia next time or a trip to Fiji as I’m already sick and tired of the Kiwi weather!)

As you know, it’s important for people to experience the least amount of disruption to daily life as possible when changing mortgages and banks, so not having to open a multitude of new accounts would be greatly appreciated. If you’d like to bump up your sales (with me as a new secured client) then please keep your requirements to a minimum so that things are streamlined and simple.

You’ll notice that I’m sending this to a number of financiers as I believe competition bring out the best result in a market economy. Please respond with your best offer. I’m very keen to secure a better deal and I know you’ll be interested, as I’m wanting to get the best deal for myself and my family as soon as possible.

Once I’ve selected the best offer I’ll request your forms and put you in touch with my solicitor. I will probably have to visit you at some point so here’s how I have my coffee (insert coffee or tea preference and milk and sugar etc) or you could come to me and I’ll brew us a cuppa so we can discuss the offer in more detail. I look forward to hearing from you. 

Thanks so much for your time,


Insert Your Name here

Push send button and away you go.

Wait for replies from banks/financiers in your inbox and then put some time aside to meet with these to select the best deal. 

It’s that simple. 

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