GST, Xero and Live Bank Feeds

6 May

GST Friendly Reminder

Slater Chartered Accountants love fun, but we also stay up to date with the boring stuff. So here’s a healthy reminder it’s once again GST time again for June/July due the end of August, for all the two monthly filers.

If you want help with your GST or need some support to get the stuff in, just give us a call or make an appointment with Dinu online.

The due date for GST is the 28th August – same day as 1st provisional tax – which unfortunately means some of us get a really good double beating! (Yikes.)

Jokes aside, It’s good to get onto your GST now. Get it sorted. Procrastination is the enemy of business, so if you feel you’re putting off today what you can do tomorrow and tomorrow never comes, take a deep breath and make contact with us. If we do GST for you then please get your stuff into us sooner rather than later. You know we pride ourselves on getting your stuff in to the IRD as early as we can. We love that clarity and high quality service delivery, and clients tell us they appreciate our efficiency. So avoid the crowds and tendency to put it off and start now. The sooner you get your bits and pieces in the sooner we can file for you. 

If you do your own GST there’s even more reason to make sure you hit it early. Please remember we’re here to help and answer any questions and we don’t charge for that so if in doubt ASK and don’t guess. Guessing about your coding for GST and Financials leads to extra hassle down the track. We’re a meeting/email away so make contact and let’s get the ball rolling. You don’t have to go it alone. 

Xero and Live Bank Feeds

Many accountants say they are a full Xero practice. (But they haven’t converted all their systems over to this software.) SLATER CHARTERED ACCOUNTANTS HAS. We’re a fully automated Xero practice, front and and back end. And we have 5 years experience AND we offer absolutely FREE training with it, either in your own premises or in our office. The choice is yours….When you buy Xero from us or changeover your Xero plan to us (which you can very easily do,) you benefit from intensive tuition and even better rates! Email

The AIM for your Xero is to get EVERY account on a live feed because

  • IF YOU HAVE ALL FEEDS CONNECTED YOU DON’T MISS ANYTHING. You know where you stand with every account. This makes life easier and more accurate 
  • Your Accountant has a full view of your accounts and doesn’t have to pester you for information every couple of weeks!
  • Xero takes nearly all bank types now, yes that includes the majority of credit cards and loan accounts. Get them on your live bank feed now.

It takes a bit of work but we’ll support you with this. Most new clients know we spend A LOT of time sorting these accounts and feeds with you and we’re there, reminding you and helping you to organise it. There’s often a string of emails from Brett or Brad to keep you motivated.  It can get finicky but we’re there to guide and support you with this process. Don’t go it alone. WE WILL HELP YOU.

Once you’ve done it you’ll have a much smoother ride with your books and account keeping long term. 

If you drop us a line  with the bank name and number, we’ll send you the right form to sign.

If you’re really struggling speak with Dinu ( The banks have also been very competitive the past few years, and this means many of you have been chopping and changing banks in search of the best deals. Remember to let us know so we can get the Xero bank feeds going for you asap if you’ve recently added or changed accounts. The longer you leave it, the longer the list of manual loading of bank data. That can cost you a lot in money, time, and missing out on claiming expenses for GST and tax.

Team Slater rule of thumb is if in doubt over whether you need the bank account feeds on and live or not – is put em on because its free and you’ve got nothing to lose!

Advice for 6 Monthly GST Filers

If you’re a 6 monthly GST filer then you’re 4 months and also 2/3rd through your payments and NOW is a very good time for you to:

  • log onto Xero and check all your bank accounts are live and data flowing. Also as a 6 monthly you also have 2 provisional tax dates instead of 3. (28th October 15 and 07 May 16).

Slater Chartered Accountants is here to help and assist you, so please take advantage of that help. We’re the oldest firm on Xero in Hamilton and certainly one of the most experienced in New Zealand. We live and breathe it and we know it inside out. 

Look forward to hearing from you and have a great day from Team Slater.

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