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10 March

When you join Slater Chartered Accountants as a new client, or purchase Xero through us, you’re linked in with the fantastic one-ledger system that gives you real time access to your books and accounts.* 

As part of this offering, Slaters also give extensive FREE Xero training to small business people in Hamilton and the Waikato region and beyond. This means you’re not alone when learning to use the new Xero software in your business. Dinu is one of the Slater Partners, is well versed in Xero and has been teaching people to use it since Slaters introduced it as their main accounting software several years ago. Slater Chartered Accountants were one of the first firms in NZ to transfer their practice over to Xero in its early days, and this means Brad, Brett and the rest of the team are now old school aficionados of Xero. They’re well and truly skilled up on the many tricks and tips that help you get the most out of it.

“We’ve been running with Xero for several years now,” Brad says, “and we also train people in their own place of business which means they don’t lose time and money when learning.” 

“It also means they’re far more comfortable with the free tutoring sessions through Slaters and goBeanie, and are able to grasp the fundamentals a lot better. This is because they’re more secure and comfortable learning in their own environment.” 

Brad will also take people through the free tutoring sessions in at the 2 Bryce Street Hamilton office if people prefer. You can combine it with your new client meetings over a cup of coffee in the interview room and find out how this software can help you streamline your business, financials and tax, and your involvement with your accountant.

Remember all appointments in at Slater Chartered Accountants are free so if you want to book an appointment and talk further about becoming a new client and getting expert Xero training from Slater Chartered Accountants you can book an appointment online through the website. 

You can also call the office on 07 8389700 and make an appointment or email

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