Do You Need Free Business Development Advice?

2 April

Do you need to pay for a business development plan? Join Slaters as a client and you receive free business development planning as part of the Slater relationship. Why? Because we know our stuff and we like to share…

Business Development Plans are a free part of the Slater service.

We’re regularly asked by new clients, friends and competitors, why our clients don’t pay for a business development plan. We don’t believe in it. Our view is a great chartered accountant will guide the client with a business plan as a part of the client/accountant relationship. We never charge for a business plan. We never have and we never will.

I quizzed the Partners about this recently and here’s what they had to say.

Why don’t you charge for Business Development Plans?

We’ve been operating for many years – and we’ve seen a lot of fads come and go. We know a free business development plan is what an ace beanie offers clients. In our view it comes down to professional integrity and it goes with the territory – a good beanie helps the client develop and grow. It’s part of the relationship –  to provide a plan as part of the service once they sign on. It works better in the long run and it’s why many of our clients stay with us for many, many years.

What is a Business Development Plan?

People get really clever and really fancy about this stuff. The reality is it’s rather logical. In essence it’s an ongoing strategy or roadmap you use and refer to, so you can develop your business.

How do I get one?

Haha! You come to us and you get one for free as part of our service delivery! True.

What does it contain?

A host of components. And those components are the easy bit.

The hard bit is adhering to the plan and continuing with it over time. For most business owners who purchase a business plan, the whizz bang plan-development phase is the easy bit. The hard part is the execution and ongoing support that is accessible and affordable. At Slaters we don’t charge for that access. We don’t charge for business plan support. Then we’ll get asked how we can do that and still make a living, (laughs) and the simple fact is we’re very good at our own business planning so we know what we’re doing.

Over the years, we’ve seen too many clients come on board and they’ll have this fantastic plan devised by their “old accountant.” They tell us it looked like a great plan at the time and we’ll say, “so what happened?”

The simple answer is they couldn’t afford the ongoing business plan support fees and costs. They swallowed up their profits! 

You see, here at Slaters we view the plan and its healthy execution as a learned skill, and it requires ongoing discipline and practice. And more discipline and practice. So it’s something you’ll need as part of your business life; a learned skill that requires constant reflection and activation. And in order to reflect and activate, you need support.

Small and medium business owners simply don’t have the dosh to constantly pay for this support. Development and planning advice  should be free. That’s our ethical view. We put our money where our mouth is. It is free at Slaters. And so is the plan. It is part of what we do, and we do it well. 

Now, getting back to the component parts of the business plan advice you offer?

It goes without saying it will vary from client to client. But it usually comprises a few key components which are: 

  • long and short term goal development and planning
  • thorough review and identification of past/repeated issues
  • clearly organised strategies to overcome problems
  • ongoing free business planning meetings to review direction, plan and problems
  • KPI measuring
  • revenue targeting
  • tax talk and strategising
  • organisational restructuring
  • technology reviews and restructuring
  • monthly or even weekly action plan support, face to face and free
  • free business plan support and the usual freebie meetings and phone calls and emailing. 
  • The list goes on……

As we’ve said, the flashy sounding list is the easy bit. The tough part is using and activating the plan over time with affordable support. If that’s the kind of deal you want, then it’s time to talk with us. 


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