Are You Owed Money by IRD?

2 February

Yes, it does happen! Get a free tax return done by Slaters if you’re a wage and salary earner, and you can access your tax return moneys owed by IRD! Or perhaps you need an an accountant who’ll do your bookkeeping, financials and statutory for you, transfer you over from your old accountant (or no accountant) and give you free meetings, email access at no cost and a heap of other goodies?

Join Slater Chartered Accountants as part of our 2016 NEW CLIENT DRIVE and you can have all that. 

A great number of the Slater clients have been with Brett (Slater) for many years and have reaped the benefits of his guidance and approach to tax and financial matters. Many of the newer clients have come on board in the past few years and are now tried and true supporters of Slater’s service delivery and approach. It’s direct, practical, communicative and accessible. It’s about excellent service and advice and the need to call it as it is. “I always tell the new clients there’s no point beating around the bush. If you’re in a sticky situation let’s deal with it and if you need to make a hard call or a hard decision about financial matters, let’s face together in a sensible,measured, proactive way that will best benefit you, your family and your work and business life,” says Brett.

Brett also says, “the newer clients in particular tell us they want greater communication with their beanie; they want to email or ring for free and have a chat about a house rental or purchase, about GST or a tax matter that is a little beyond them. They want to make an appointment (which is always free) and rock into the office when they need to. They don’t want to feel alone with it all and they want someone to take the headache out of it for them.

That’s what I do. That’s my role and I take it seriously whilst having a great rapport with the clients along the way. While my style isn’t for everyone, the vast majority of clients who come on board, stay with us. And sometimes those who leave do so because I’m calling things a little too straight for them and they struggle to face what I’m asking them to deal with regarding money management and the best way forward.

I have a very high retention rate and a fast delivery turnaround and I’m proud of that. It lifts the bar in the profession and that’s a good thing.” Slater is currently offering free tax returns to wage and salary earners. If you want yours done at no cost or you want to talk with Brett directly about changing accountants the smooth and easy way you can email and get the ball rolling. 

And remember January’s a great time to make the big decisions and changes regarding your business and your tax and financials. Call Brett and Brad in at the office on 07 8389701 all through January while it’s quiet. Better still, you can drop in for a free chat as the doors are open and we’ve a good bit of room for new clients. Have a great day and see you in at the Bryce Street office soon. 

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