A Great Beanie

7 February

So many new clients come to us and decry their experiences with chartered accounting.

Many seem jaded by the profession, viewing us as a necessary evil that can help them keep their business and financial affairs in order and keep the IRD off their backs.

Slater Chartered Accountants understands and that’s why we go all out to present a chartered accounting experience that is holistic and friendly. We want to make it easy for the average person, and believe there are a few tips and tricks to finding a really great accountant long term.

Slaters identifies 5 key areas  your chartered accountant needs to address. These are:

  • Fixed pricing. This is very important to the client, as it allows him/her to know costs and budget for them on a quarterly or annual basis.
  • Free Appointments. These replace the old hourly fee that leads to a lot of hidden costs for the client. Free appointments also encourage rapport and understanding between you and your accountant. We believe it’s the only way to go.
  • A lead partner who still works on your financials and affairs. Yep. Find a chartered accountant who has enough humility and drive to know your financials better than anyone else in the workplace. Slaters still operates in this manner and every set of financials is overseen in this way.
  • Email and phone contact. A great accountant is accessible and doesn’t charge you for these little extras. Slaters views these as part of the service.
  • Clear and well presented instructions and booklets. Too many accountants try to mystify their clients by using archaic account-speak. We believe clear, well presented instructions and marketing material goes a long way to giving the client the understanding they need regarding their financials and tax. Anything less than this is old school.

So when looking for a new chartered accountant, make sure these 5 factors are met before you venture further. You deserve the very best professional service so when shopping around for a new accountant don’t forget to ask if these key attributes are on offer. 

If you want to talk with Dinu the lead partner personally you can make an appointment via the website or reception on 07 8389700.

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