2019 Provisional Tax

Need a refresh on provisional tax? Read our free PDF guide with dates and tips for 2019

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FREE TAX RETURNS for Wage and Salary Earners

Here’s to paying it forward. We believe in giving.

How to Claim on International Travel

There’s no question about it. People love to travel.

Free Xero Training Hamilton NZ

When you join Slater you can get free training for xero.

Choose the Best Accountant Hamilton NZ?

Slater likes to give good advice

How To Download your CSV Files

We use Xero.

Large or Small Accounting Firm?

What size business are you? What size accounting firm should you be with? This is important stuff.

A Great Beanie

So many new clients come to us and decry their experiences with chartered accounting.

Slash Your Mortgage

How do you find the best mortgage deal?

GST, Xero and Live Bank Feeds

Slater Chartered Accountants love fun, but we also stay up to date with the boring stuff.

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The Real Deal for New Slater Clients

How is it that Slaters can deliver so much compared to our competitors?

Are You Owed Money by IRD?

Get a free tax return done by Slaters if you’re a wage and salary earner.

Slaters are NZ Made

Are your accounts and financials done on NZ soil? Slaters are.

Guide to The Housing Boom

The heat is on. Interest rates have tumbled and we’re told it’s the time to buy.

What Makes a Fantastic Accountant?

What qualities do you really need in an accountant?

Are Your Financials Home grown?

Who’s logging in to your Xero files? Here’s a guide to what you need to do…

Do You Need Free Business Development Advice?

Do you need a business development plan?

Our Stand on Cyber Safety

If your accountant is doing this, I believe they should tell you.

How To Get the Best Mortgage Rate

How to slash your mortgage, boost your retirement and save, in a few easy steps.

Questionnaires for your Accountant

There’s no getting around it. It’s the end of the financial year.

Should I Deregister from GST?

QUESTION: I’m a contractor or consultant but I’m now employed. Should I deregister from GST?

Work Life Business Balance

It’s always hard to find the right balance, especially if you run a small to medium sized business.

How To Market Your Business

One of the most common questions we’re asked by clients is “how do you promote and market your business?” Here are a few tips.

Summer Safety from Slater

It’s holiday season. Stay safe clients and friends.