Why Simon Washer of Farmfeed loves Xero

It’s been seven years since Simon Washer dreamed up Farmfeed. A financial crisis and two businesses later, he’s learned a lot.

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Tax Payer Penalties

What happens if you fail to pay your taxes by the due date

Tax Credits (formerly Rebates)

Can I claim tax credits? Companies, trusts and partnerships cannot claim tax credits.


The KiwiSaver is a voluntary retirement savings initiative

Gift Duty

Should I pay Gift Duty? Gift Duty has now been abolished


An entertainment expense is a cost which has been incurred for business reasons

Depreciation Allowances

What are Depreciation Allowances?Depreciation allowances are given for most assets within your business

ACC Premium

The Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) gives full personal injury cover

PAYE on Salaries and Wages

What is PAYE? PAYE is an abbreviation for Pay As You Earn

Fringe Benefit Tax

What is Fringe Benefit Tax and how to claim it.

Whale Songs in Tonga

Swimming with whales is the stuff of dreams.

FREE TAX RETURNS for Wage and Salary Earners

Here’s to paying it forward. We believe in giving.

How to Claim on International Travel

There’s no question about it. People love to travel.

Walking Waikato – The Nikau Walk

Unbelieveable! This walk has it all.

Free Xero Training Hamilton NZ

When you join Slater you can get free training for xero.

Choose the Best Accountant Hamilton NZ?

Slater likes to give good advice

How To Download your CSV Files

We use Xero.

Large or Small Accounting Firm?

What size business are you? What size accounting firm should you be with? This is important stuff.

A Great Beanie

So many new clients come to us and decry their experiences with chartered accounting.

Making Time for Time Out

Running a business is hard. But what about “You” time?

Walking Waikato – Taitua Arboretum

It’s one of the very best little walks you can do around Hamilton.

Slash Your Mortgage

How do you find the best mortgage deal?

GST, Xero and Live Bank Feeds

Slater Chartered Accountants love fun, but we also stay up to date with the boring stuff.

Walking Waikato’s Lake Ngaroto

Take a look at the recently upgraded Lake Ngaroto walk

Why Change to Slater Chartered Accountants?


Walking Waikato – Lake Rotoroa

Want to get out and about but don’t have much time?

Walking Waikato – The Te Waihou Walk

This walk is a stunner and is more commonly known as Blue Springs, near Tirau. 

The Real Deal for New Slater Clients

How is it that Slaters can deliver so much compared to our competitors?

Beautiful Bream Head Coast Walks

Spending 3 days walking and tramping with Bream Head Coast Walks

Tina Klevering our Receptionist

Who we consider the BEST reception person in The Waikato?

Are You Owed Money by IRD?

Get a free tax return done by Slaters if you’re a wage and salary earner.